Introducing People to Our Ideas

Note: This article is a draft.


We want to spread our ideas and see declines in use of nonfree software and hardware around the world. We have our ways of communicating with one another: Email, IRC, XMPP, Matrix, and other free protocols. People in our community understand our ideals, support development, and discuss about various parts of our small world. Sometimes there are arguments, and we generally have constructive debates with each other because of our diversity (which is good).

While living inside our beautiful community, many of our jobs requires you to use nonfree software, people around us want us to use WhatsApp and WeChat to communicate with them.

Life isn't as easy as "get a better job" and "just try to convince them". Society is big and complicated, and as most people aren't aware of our movement at all, they find using nonfree software or service-as-a-software-substitute to be okay. We understand that it is wrong! We try to inform people on how nonfree software mistreats people—sometimes that works, but most of the time people ignore us, thinking that we're a small group of people who have an ideal world in mind but don't want to work with the general public.


In the interest of eventual widespread adoption of free computing, we MUST avoid building an aggressive and radical image in the minds of people.